Culture August 14th, 2016

Zappos College Internship Program

Welcome to the Zappos College Internship program! We open up our application window nationwide for two weeks in spring and again for two weeks the fall.

During the spring of 2016, we had over 7,600 applicants apply over a 14-day period! To be considered for a position, each candidate was given a technical challenge and virtual interview. By the end, we had over 3,100 candidates complete their tasks! Howbow dah?

As you can probably guess, our Human Resources team has a very stringent review process, and only the top three or four candidates for each team are flown out to Sin City to experience a two-day immersion into the Zappos culture. Activities include a downtown Las Vegas tour, interviews, happy hours and plenty of opportunities to meet their prospective teams.

Are you interested in applying for a Zappos internship? If so, please visit us here, or email us at!