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Zappos Adaptive Mission

Zappos Adaptive is a shopping experience that brings together brands who offer products that are innovative, functional and fashionable. We are on a mission to provide options for people searching for clothing, shoes and accessories that help make getting dressed easier! #ZapposAdaptive

Meet the Model: Dru on Fashion and Pursuing her Dreams

Find out why Dru Presta says modeling is the "hardest, easiest thing she could do."
Learn About Dru

BILLY Footwear's Ingenious Spin On No-Lace Shoes

In 1996, Billy Price became paralyzed from the waist down. Having difficulties putting on his shoes, he came up with a brand new zipper design that works for and appeals to everyone.

Learn About BILLY Footwear

Adaptive Brand Spotlight: Independence Day Clothing

For years, Lauren Thierry felt that the disability community, including her own son, deserved functional and fashionable clothing. Fast forward to today, she's creating them herself.

Learn About Independence Day Clothing

4 Things To Know About The Nike FlyEase

In 2015, the Nike FlyEase, with its zippered heel and functional design, was launched. Today, the shoe has become a staple for anyone looking to put shoes on easily and look fly.
Read About Nike FlyEase

Watch How This Shoe-Obsessed Dad Is Changing The Way Kids 'Plae'

We sat down with Ryan Ringholz, a dad of two and the founder and chief designer of PLAE, to learn more about his company's story and how their customizable, award-winning kids' shoes seamlessly blend function and fashion, allowing children to do what they do best.
Watch The Video on PLAE shoes


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