The Happiness Collective August 25th, 2020

"Dare To Lead" Workshop Opportunity

It’s common belief that courage is an inherent trait – it’s either something you have or don’t. From Brené Brown’s latest research in “Dare to Lead”, we now know that courage is less about who people are and more about how they behave. Courage is a collection of four skillsets that are teachable, measureable and observable. Is this interesting to you?

In collaboration with Alicia Snyderand The Happiness Collective, we're offering Zapponians an exclusive opportunity to help build more awareness and a deeper understanding of Brené Brown’s “Dare to Lead” work. This 8-week workshop will help you form new perspectives that could very well shift your learning into meaningful action, both inside and outside the walls of Zappos.

In this eight-week workshop (two-hours each), we will focus on these courage-building skills sets:
Week 1: Intro to the program & how we “armor” up in the face of vulnerability
Week 2: Myths of vulnerability
Week 3: Arena and Shame
Week 4: Empathy
Week 5: Values
Week 6: Giving and receiving feedback
Week 7: Trust
Week 8: Resilience

Part 1 of the “Dare to Lead” Workshop is on Thursday, September 3 from 9am-11am.

Email us for an invite to session 1 at


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