MBD Essentials August 20th, 2019

The Role That Every Zapponian Plays In Our Journey

Energizing our Core Values; paying attention to, evolving, and growing your business; and delivering the very best customer service and experience are all absolutely vital in building an organization that's gonna stand the test of time, but there are smaller, more specific things we all can do to (together) to move the future of work forward today.

Here's just a sampling of some things you can start with...

Have A Student Mindset

Be curious; Ask questions

Build Awareness & Understanding

Learn about the things we're doing, then share it with others

Engage With Us, The Tools, And The Systems

Learn by doing (it's truly the best way)

If you prefer another method, just let us know!

Take a chance; Take a little risk, it's okay!!!

Get Involved. Co-Create With Us.

Our door is wide open. We need a lot of help and we can always use yours
Experimentation is the path to building the best version of ourselves, teams, and the organization. Let's partner together to create the right experiments that work for YOU and your business.

Give Us Your Open and Honest Feedback.

If we don't hear from you, we assume you're not feeling constraints around MBD. If you're not fine, mention your tension!

Be Nice to One Another ... And To Us

Refrain from the rumor mill and just ask us for clarity (we're happy to help!)

If you hear someone speaking negatively or carelessly, help us break the mold by speaking up

Please Be Patient

It's not easy trying to build a company that can stand the test of time.

If you're a Lead Link...

Stay up to date with communication and consistently deliver it to your team.

If you can't, check out this helpful tip...

And pay attention to the EvOrg Daily - a daily email you can subscribe to.

Need Guidance?

We can always be reached by emailing EvolutionaryOrg@zappos.com or evolve@zappos.com, but we get that some people are uncomfortable reaching out to a whole group. If you're rather talk to one person, feel free to reach out to any of the people on this list AND/OR your representative in The Voice of Employee Circle.