Evolve Chronicles August 31st, 2020

Your All-Hands Challenge

In 2008, Zapponians were given an amazing gift – our very first company All-Hands Meeting. Since those humble beginnings, All-Hands Day was always a day I looked forward to: A day of company updates, of learning about our business; a day full of storytelling, adventure, surprise, and of course, a day to celebrate who we are, what we’ve become, and where we’re going. Although the All-Hands meeting has evolved over the years from do more with less, to the all-out production years, and now…. ummmm a virtual experience, it still holds true to its purpose of reinforcing our company purpose, priorities & core values through inspiration, connection, entertainment, and education (ICEE).

Why a Gift?

I say “gift” because over the years, All-Hands has given us the opportunity to learn so much. We got to see the world through the eyes and minds of authors, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, musicians and artists. We got to hear from both celebrities and ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We got to explore with people that were blazing their own trails. We got to learn from other companies, from different industries, from unfamiliar worlds and cultures. We’ve had the opportunity to hear so many great stories of success and failure; we got to feel “all the feels” through stories of triumph and defeat. We’ve had a front row seat in viewing our own ups and downs, our own wins and losses. All-Hands has reminded us of the importance core values and culture has on us as individuals, our customers, and our business. And of course, we’ve been surprised & delighted and we’ve been WOW’d by the very people we see in the office every day (even if it is the virtual office these days).

All-Hands is not only a gift, but a day of privilege. It’s a day of discovery that grants us with permission to shift our mindsets, to use new-found knowledge, tools, and perspectives to help us become better people, better teams, abd a better company. However, knowledge is of no value unless we put it into practice. So here lies your opportunity:

What’s one thing you can take from today’s All-Hands to make yourself better? To make your team and business better? What if everyone in the company did the same?

“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage.” - Jack Welch